Since customer satisfaction is a core priority, we provide training in hydraulic applications so that they can be operated in the best possible conditions.

Our engineers and business managers therefore train customers in use of their system (before or after delivery and installation on site).

This support has proven to provide:

  • Reassurance for customers able to benefit from a mine of expertise and knowledge to ensure they use their product under optimal conditions
  • Guaranteed quality since HYD&AU ensures that products devised and developed by our design office function perfectly in actual operating conditions

HYD&AU is an approved trainer in France. This means that our competencies as a trainer in hydraulics are recognized by a certified body.

Training on test benches

HYD&AU can offer training by means of comprehensive simulation software for future technicians and engineers. Expert in the production of training tools for industry and mobile applications, HYD&AU also has advanced technology training benches for training in a number of fields such as hydraulics, pneumatics and electricity.

We set up tailor-made training programmes to meet specific customer requirements. We use a range of training products designed to ensure a clear and pragmatic understanding.