Solutions mecatroniques

Mechatronics: definition

Mechatronics is a technological approach that involves combining previously differentiated technologies in order to produce consistent and coherent assemblies.

A defining feature of mechatronics is the way in which it combines and simultaneously uses mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, automated systems and micro-computing to mastermind new ways of designing and producing.

Customer benefits

  • Mechatronics involves keeping a closer eye on changes to the different technologies concerned, thereby raising the performance bar on products and machinery
  • Mechatronics produces systems with superior safety
  • Mechatronics allows for a broader scope of action, such as preventative maintenance
  • Mechatronics accelerates production rates and therefore improves productivity and product quality
  • Mechatronics extends service life of industrial machinery

HYD&AU Group strengths

HYD&AU possesses all the skills and expertise required for mechatronics.

The Group is determined to insource rather than outsource the different technologies involved.

“Proficient mechatronics is easier said than done. You need to be an expert in hydraulics, mechanics, electricity and computing. Our organization ticks all these boxes and draws strength from its expertise to deliver true solutions featuring the best systems.”