In the framework of its partnership with 3 C METAL MIDDLE EAST in Dubai, last June our HYD&AU Group worked on two drilling barges in Tenerife to carry out deep sea drilling. This was the first opportunity to position ourselves on piping supply offers.

A further step has been reached with our participation as a co-exhibitor at ADIPEC, the Abu Dhabi hydrocarbon trade show from 7th to 10th November 2016.

“It was an opportunity for our HYD&AU group to present its full hydraulic expertise to 3 C Metal’s main international Oil & Gas clients.”

Even though the Oil & Gas sector is currently quite morose due to the high impact of the low cost of the barrel at less than 50$, deep sea drilling companies must permanently acquire new equipment that meets the safety standards imposed by the oil companies and meet new technical challenges.

ADIPEC is the second most representative trade show on this market behind the Houston trade show in the USA.




“ADIPEC 2016, 4 intense and rich days for the HYD&AU team which was able to meet and exchange with all our partner 3 C METAL’s employees not only from Dubai, but also from South Africa and Malaysia.”

Our stand was entirely designed to use a common, consistent graphic charter designed to highlight the complementarity of both of our groups. Full documentation featuring the know-how of our respective companies and their shared projects was specifically written for this event.

Our HYD&AU teams were able to meet a large number of users of our types of equipment from the different Middle East zone countries: Iran, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt.

There was another relevant aspect of this trade show: the contacts made with specialised Oil & Gas agents who are needed to obtain the authorisations required prior to any work in producing countries.

They facilitate contacts with the order givers and are therefore unavoidable in the local growth of HYD&AU in this part of the world.