Technical support in India



Are you looking for training, assistance, design or intervention ?

HYD&AU engineers and technicians operate across the world for designing, commissioning and monitoring all the installations of its customers.

Business : supplying servomotors for an Indian nuclear power plant

Site : steam turbine manufacturing plant

HYD&AU solution :

Our company HYD&AU FLUID specialises in hydraulics and was commissioned earlier this year, and assigned a team comprising a technician and a business manager responsible for the project.

Reason for moving :

  • To ensure the theoretical and technical training of the technicians and project engineers on the customer’s site, which is about 30 people for the installation and use of our servo-controlled valves,
  • To be a part of the performance tests on the first valve: sensor calibration and speed adjustment.

For more information, contact Clément AUGUY, Business Development Manager – India